Medical X-rays

Medical X-rays

X-rays are useful to find any disease inside the human body. Moreover it helps in breast cancer detection

Have you ever wondered what Medical X-rays are? Well, today we’re going to talk about it.

X-rays are an electromagnetic radiation format, you could compare with visible light, but X-rays have a higher energy and that means they can pass through various objects, including the human body. This fabulous invention is used to produce images of tissues and our internal body structure.

There are several types of detectors to produce digital images: one of the most common is photographic film. These images are called X-rays.

How he gets an X-ray? Well, it’s simple, the patient gets it in a way that the part that has to be looked at is between a source and an X-ray detector. Once the machine turns on, X-rays are placed on the affected part and examine it to find the damage, depending on the tissues and the atomic number of the examined area there are different types of images. For example, structures like bones contain calcium, which has a higher atomic number than other tissues. Because of this property, the bones quickly absorb the X-rays and thus produce a great opposition in the X-ray detector. As a result, the bony form appears whiter than other tissues against the black background of the x-ray.

It must also be said that X-rays travel more fluidly through less dense tissues, such as fat and muscle, as well as through the lungs. These examples are shown in shades of grey (fat and soft tissues), white (bones) and black (lungs) on an X-ray. X-rays are used to look at bone fractures, besides the fact that they can also be used to see if you have pneumonia.

They can also detect breast cancer, and be used to treat cancer. This therapy is called Therapeutic, and it is used to destroy tumors and cancer cells so that they do not harm your DNA. It is based on high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and contract tumors.


  • Electromagnetic radiation ( Radiació electromagnètica )
  • Tissues ( Teixits )
  • Photographic film ( Pel·licula fotogràfica )
  • Bones ( Ossos )
  • Atomic number ( Nombre atòmic )
  • Breast ( Pit o mama )

If you want to know more about Medical X-rays, you can check the webgraphy below:

Written by: Mar Comas

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