Some steroids are considered a dietary supplement, while others are harmful and illegal

Steroids are the same or similar to certain hormones in the human body. The body produces steroids naturally to facilitate some functions such as promoting muscle growth and development. Consuming steroids are totally illegal, since they are considered drugs, for the simple fact that they have a very prejudicial effect on the person’s health who consumes them.

Normally these substances are related to people in the gym environment, especially with famous bodybuilders . The vast majority are used to increase muscle mass, strength, weight loss or improve sports performance, since you can achieve long-term goals in a short time, or directly achieve goals, such as a certain level of muscle mass , force… impossible in a natural way, that is, without the use of steroids.

Types of steroids

Before starting with the most famous types of steroids, we must emphasize that steroids come in various forms, pills, creams, patches, injections or drops that are put under the tongue, among others parts of the human being. 

We will give some examples of the most famous steroids or more used, briefly explained, we will not enter into questions of dosage, possible side effects or where to buy.


It occurs naturally in the body and it is very effective in causing muscle gain. Doctors recommend it for people who cannot produce enough testosterone naturally. Testosterone is the most used steroid, but there are many types like testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate etc. basically they have the same effect except for unusual cases.


During a six-week cycle, users should expect impressive muscle gain results. It is so effective that the medical community uses it in patients with muscular atrophy. They are given a dose of Anadrol to help them recover quickly.


It is the second most popular steroid after testosterone. It has a positive effect on the body for muscle relaxation: this allows greater recovery between high intensity workouts. In addition, athletes who have joint problems experience relief with low doses of this drug.


It provides all the positive effects that testosterone has and even more. The combination of four different types of testosterone helps to achieve all the positive benefits; better muscle accumulation, muscle development and faster recovery time.


It basically helps you to lose weight pretty quickly. Reduces fat and unwanted weight considerably and quickly.


It helps to define muscle tone, and at the same time, it helps the body to lose water and excess of fat stored in the body.

There are many types of steroids, some more harmful than others

Secondary effects

The secondary effects we find of consuming steroids are immensely dangerous. Before explaining some of them, it should be emphasized that each person is affected differently. That is, one of these secondary effects may affect one without severity, or some others may affect other seriously, depending on the genetics of the individual.

Effects with lower severity level

Among the minor or superficial effects is acne. When your body detects that the substances you are taking are toxic, it reacts by expelling them with pimples and blackheads. Another way could be excess sweat, also to release those toxins.

We can also find a greater body odor. This effect is usually quite common in almost all men, since the testosterone hormone is added, and depending on the default levels of this hormone in the person, it may be more noticeable or less.

Finally, we have insomnia, for some it is a more superficial effect and for others not. This effect is suffered by a minimum group of people, it is not very common.

Effects with a higher level of severity

This section contains the effects with the greatest risk to mental-emotional and physical health. One of them with less danger to health would be the possibility of hair loss. If you have a family history of hair loss, you probably have a very high chance of suffering this effect.

Among the most dangerous effects for mental and emotional health is the change of mood. Taking so many substances, you are adding to your body many unnecessary hormones, which causes sudden mood variations. Many testimonials ensure that in the morning you can be at a normal emotional level, and after a few hours, for no apparent reason, you can enter a state of bad mood and depression.

The worst secondary effects, which are directly related to health are: potentiate prostate cancer; growth of the clitoris; reduction of sperm quality and testicular atrophy; altered cholesterol; tumors; diverse heart diseases; thick blood; clots or strokes; thyroid alteration.

Protein shakes are considered sport supplement

Differences between sport supplement and steroids

Many people, especially outside the gym world, are very uninformed about sports supplementation. This group of people has the belief that everything they consume to improve performance or physically are steroids, but it is not true. Sport supplementation, as the name suggests, serves to supplement some substances in your diet, which with food you cannot get, and your body generates them insufficiently. Now we will explain some examples of supplementation.

Protein shakes:

These famous shakes, so criticized by some people, that ensure that your kidney can explode if you consume them, is really a supplement in your diet, and just as healthy as a beefsteak.

Protein shakes are one of the most used sports supplements. Its function is to obtain an abundant amount of protein quickly. This supplement is not necessary, it only serves to reach the daily protein requirement, but for people who train in the gym or high intensity workouts a greater amount of protein is necessary, and it is quite difficult to reach this figure in a normal diet. Sedentary people should consume about 0.8 grams per kilo of body weight.

While a person who does sports needs 1.5 or 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. For example, a person weighing 80 kg, should take 140-160 grams of protein daily. By drinking a protein shake you can get 25 grams quickly and efficiently, with less kcal, fat, carbohydrates, sugars …


Creatine is one of the sports supplements with more studies that support its effectiveness. It is used to improve physical performance, achieve greater quality of muscle fibers, greater resistance and achieve extra strength. This supplement can not only be used for people who practice high intensity sports, but there are also various scientific tests that prove it is effective in sedentary people.

Apart from being used in the field of sport, sick or elderly people are also prescribed, for example, to treat the syndromes that affect the brain, aging, bone density, chronic obstructive disease, heart failure, diabetes, heart disease, Huntington, Parkinson’s disease, diseases that affect the muscular and nervous system, multiple sclerosis, muscle atrophy, brain trauma, Rett syndrome, schizophrenia, muscle breakdown in the spinal cord among many others.

The use of creatine is allowed by the International Olympic Committee, the National Association of Collegiate Athletics (NCAA) and by professional sports. The NCAA has no plans to ban creatine unless medical evidence proves it is harmful.


Glutamine has many fewer studies that claim that it has some effectiveness, although it is also very famous in sports supplementation. In technical matters, glutamine is a non-essential amino acid. Of the 20 amino acids that are part of the protein this is one. Our body generates it by itself, but a rather insufficient amount, so its consumption is recommended. It has benefits for muscle tissue, helps improve protein synthesis and reduces muscle destruction, helping the recovery, increase and strength of the muscle mass


Branched chain amino acids, or also called BCCA, is one of the most used sports examples and with more studies that support their evidence. These symbols are three specifically Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine. The three amino acids are essential and are the amino acids that our body cannot synthesize by itself and that is why we must ingest it in our diets.

The muscle needs 20 amino acids for its growth, it is important that it separates that BCCA form a third of the amino acids of muscle tissue, so if your goal is to increase your muscle mass, BCCA are important for your evolution.

You decide

In conclusion, now that we have explained some examples of sports supplements, you can see all these substances are proven by a large number of studies where they are considered, which are not harmful to health, a difference from steroids.

Actually, these supplements can only help you in a very small percentage, but you have the possibility of improvement if you consume them. While steroids have more range of improvement, that is, more possibility of implementing various sports factors, but they are harmful to health, so they are considered drugs and illegal.


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