Givaudan, a tour around the offices in Sant Celoni

Givaudan, a tour around the offices in Sant Celoni

On February 4th 2020, the elective subjects students, Culture Maker, Stem world and Technology visited one of the Givaudan company factories

Last week INS Pla Marcell  4th ESO students, attending science and technology subjects, visited Givaudan, a top company in fragrances and flavours area. The visit was guided by the production manager, who explained the company projects and history. Students finally learned how this factory operates, and also how they manage to eliminate the water residues.

Givaudan factory in Sant Celoni

This company mainly deals with fragrances and flavours, and the office located in Sant Celoni, Barcelona, is specialized in producing florhydral. In fact, they produce 260 million tons of florhydral.

The company is responsible of making the products, fragrances and aromas sold by other brands. For example the aromas of the Prada perfume or the Gucci one.

Givaudan factory locations

Marc Garcia

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