How do they work in the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona

How do they work in the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona

On a guided tour to the Museum of Natural Sciences headquarters located in Barcelona, the docent showed the students how they worked

Headquarters of Natural Science Museum

4th ESO students identified many species of animals. Vertebrate animals can be identified in different ways, depending on whether the sample to be analyzed is a dissected animal or a skeleton of the animal. If it’s a dissected animal, they can be identified with animal guides; and if they doubt with any species, they can ask for other specimens from other museums. If it’s a skeleton, they can be identified with guides, according to how the bones are shaped. Skull or teeth are able to get to know what specie it is.

Biologists working on scientific research

Different types of scientists  work in this museum, as biologists or zoologists. A biologist is a scientist in charge of the study of all living beings that inhabit the planet in all its aspects at the genetic, physiological, ecological, paleontological level, etc. Biologists have the mission of developing scientific research on the origin, interactions, distribution, current composition, use and conservation of biological diversity. Zoologists study animals, including their evolution, physiology, reproduction, genetics, behavior and ecology.

They participate in laboratory research and field work. They can use their knowledge in areas such as conservation, agriculture and industry; For example, pharmaceutical products.

Ian Gallego

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