Tower VS laptop: what are you going to use it for?

Tower VS laptop: what are you going to use it for?

Knowing what you will use the computer for, helps you select the right one

The task of choosing a computer is very complex, many people prejudge a computer only by its appearance or its market value, they think that the more expensive is better; but this is usually a marketing strategy that many companies use to win money. That it’s because the immense misinformation of the sector in ordinary people who do not have much information about the choice of a computer.

First of all, we should think about what we need. It is too obvious, but many people make a serious mistake in this step. Lately, many people are buying computers called “gaming“, which are specialized in playing high-performance games, with the latest generation components to improve the experience. This kind of computers are very attractive in plain sight: they usually have LEDs almost everywhere, and other features that make it more modern.

The problem comes when all these aesthetic improvements encourage the customer to buy a computer, simply for their aspect. People sped 2000 euros to buy them, and then they don’t get even 10% of the yield, since they use it to make simple bureaucracy.

Once we are clear about the use we will give to the computer, we must proceed to choose whether it will be a tower or a laptop. This step is very simple: if we need to work with the computer away from home, it will be a laptop.; but if we don’t need to take it away from home, a tower would be perfect.

Then, we must analyze the components that each computer has, to know which one is the best. Those components are, for example, the CPU, the RAM, the HDD, the battery, the cooler, the software and the screen.


The CPU or processor is like the brain of a computer. It is able to read and interpret the signals sent by the user through the different components and other applications. There are different types, but the most famous and recommended are Intel or AMD.


RAM is the main memory and is what programs have available to handle. It stores data for the programs with which they work at all times. If the memory is small, there will be many limitations in the amount of data and programs that you can use at the same time. If we use a basic use, with 4 GB is enough, but if it is more demanding with 8GB will be better.


A hard disk is one of the most essential components of a computer, it is where all the information on our computer is stored. For a basic use, about 5400 RPM will be sufficient. If you use your computer to save many videos or movies or heavy files, more storage capacity or an external hard drive is recommended.


It is important to choose a computer that has a battery with a good autonomy for several hours.


It is one of the most important elements: it fulfills the task of maintaining a normal operating temperature of the computer. Without them, the heat will spread and the computer will overheat, damaging its operation , making it worse and slower. The most prominent brands are Noctua, Corsair, Arctic.


The software is a set of programs, instructions and computer rules that allow you to execute different tasks on a computer. The most famous are Mac or Windows, and both are just as recommended.

The screen

If we choose a tower, we must buy a monitor or a television with HDMI input, in order to project. The most recommended measures are usually 24 inches or 27 inches. For a laptop we must choose one that has measures similar to the previous ones.

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